Make written Bible translations accessible to the global church.

BTT Writer is an open source utility for translating the Bible and biblical content into any language. The purpose of Writer is to make Bible translation accessible to the global church. Writer is fully functional without an internet connection and enables collaboration in the translation process. The app includes numerous just in time translation helps that explain keywords, difficult to translate phrases, and general translation concepts.



Works on Android

Designed to run on computer tablets and mobile phones that use the Android operating system. Despite the fact that Americans love their iPhones, Android is the most common mobile operating system worldwide.

Works on Desktops Too

BTT Writer is also available for Windows, Linux, and Apple computers.

Digital Publishing

The digital format enables Scripture to be published immediately and at very low cost through the Internet or by sharing memory cards. The output can also be Printed on Demand based on the local need.

Digital Storage

Writer can work completely offline, but can also save to the BTT Content Server so your translation is safely stored in the cloud and others can help work on your project.

Multi-Language Keyboard

The current release includes keyboards in 15 languages, with more in development.

Translation Resources

The Resource section of this app provides a wealth of information on key terms and overcoming translation challenges to assist local translators in creating translations that are clear, natural, and accurate.

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More Tools

BTT Writer is part of a software ecosystem for Bible Translation. All freely available, all designed for easy use, all for the global church to have scripture for itself.